• The Original Jolly Gang
  • Adolph Wagner Adolph 'Bro' Wagner
  • Ed Wagner and son Matt
  •  Chicago SteirerPicnic At Lily Lake
  • Werner JackertPerforming with the Band In Frankfort
  • Picnic At Lily LakeAdolph Wagner, Ed Ramel, Allen Ramel, Frank Novak, Ed Wagner, Fred Svoboda, Henry Blaha, Paul Lawrisuk
  • Allen Ramel & Val BeerSt. Alphonsus at Prospect Heights
  • Perfomance at Geis & CrossenAllen Ramel, Eddie Wagner, Bob Jenson, Bob Crossen, Jerry Pribyl (in back)
  •  Bob Jenson, Eddie & Matt Wagner Performng the Schuplatter
  • The Jolly GangPerforming at the 75th Anniversary Edelweiss Verein Chicago
  • Ed Wagner & Fred Svoboda
  • Adolph Wagner & Ed RamelFounder and original member
  • The Jolly Gang at Ringbauer's HallFrank Zacrocky, Ed Ramel, Adolph Wagner, Ernie Muchow, Henry Blaha
  • Frankfort Fall FestivalEd Ramel, Allen Ramel, Paul Lawrisuk, Tom Ramel, Ed Wagner, Jerry Pribyl, Ray Zitek
  • Matt & Eddie Wagner 'The Boys'
  • St. Paul Lutheran ChurchEd and Sons
  • Ed WagnerGaelic Park
  • Connie Lenckos On Clarinet
  •  Werner & Band at Cicero and Moose
  •  Oktoberfest in Villa Park
  • St. Patricia's OktoberfestVal Beer and the Band
  • 'The Boys'The Third Generation
  • 'The Boys'New Generations!
  • OktoberfestFitzgerald's Nightclub
Matt Wagner, Assistant Kapellmeister
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Ed Wagner, Kapellmeister

Remembering The Rosegger Steirer Dance Group

The History Of Ed Wagner's Lustige Blaskapelle
This entertaining ensemble of musicians comes from a lineage that was known throughout the Midwest as "One of America's most entertaining German, Austrian, and Czech Polka Bands." The band's instrumentation consists of 2 Trumpets, 2 Baritones, 2 Clarinets, a Tuba and Drum.

The group was originally formed in 1945 by Adolph "Bro" Wagner and performed under the name "Bro" Wagner's Jolly Gang Band. The band was initially comprised of "Bro's" close friends and eventually grew in size to include many notable Czech musicians that performed at Pilsen Park. The band has performed for many Ethnic Clubs at their dances and picnics throughout Chicagoland such as the Jolly Burgenlanders, Rosegger-Steirer Club, Almrausch, Austrian Social Club, Edelweiss Schuplattler Verien-Chicago, Chicago Steirer Club at the Steirer Alm in Lilly Lake, and was a mainstay at Ringbauer's Hall.

In addition to the ethnic clubs, the "Jolly Gang" played at numerous weddings, anniversaries, German Fests, and Oktoberfests, most notably the German Fest at Sacred Heart Church in Lombard, Chef Klaus' Fall Festival in Frankfort, Transfiguration Church at Wauconda's Oktoberfest as well as Oktoberfests for various Moose Lodges.

The band transitioned in the early 80's to the leadership of Adolph's son, Ed, who had been a band member since his early childhood.

Ed continued performing for the existing clubs and festivals which now included D.A.N.K. South in Frankfort, St. Paul Lutheran Church in Oak Lawn, Moravian Clubs in Berwyn, Colony Village in Amana, Iowa, and Heinie's Hummels in Gary, Indiana.

After a brief hiatus, the band has been reorganized and is now performing under the name "Ed Wagner's Lustige Blaskapelle." It is comprised of second and third generation musicians of the original band members which includes Ed's sons, Eddie on tuba and Matt on baritone.

"Ed Wagner's Lustige Blaskapelle" is looking forward to entertaining previous and future fans alike, playing their German, Austrian, and Czech favorites.

We hope to see you soon!!!

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